Micro Takaful

It is a fact of life that the most exposed to risks in the society are those who are least prepared for it. As a Takaful operator, the core target of TIA is to provide affordable, competitive and well packaged products to meet the needs of all our clientele.
Micro-Takaful refers to insurance systems that offer products designed for the low budget needs.The main characteristics of the TIA Micro -

Takaful product include:
Simple product design, frequently required, affordable premium payments and uniform benefit offering.Based on principles of solidarity, common ownership and common management.
Designed to provide access to protection against risky events that affect the health and economic well-being of members of society.
In the Takaful principle of pooling resources and safeguarding each other through shared risks and profits, the TIA micro products are designed as an instrument for partnership towards prosperity. The upcoming range of TIA micro Products will focus on meeting these needs.